The Hobbit

I finally went to see the Hobbit!!! 3-D IMAX is amazing!

It's so hard to keep from squealing when Martin- ahm, I meant, Bilbo, appears on screen because he is just too adorable! Oh how I love his little frowns ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ 
I won't embarrass myself trying to discuss specific details (I'm still trying to get all the dwarves' names straight XD) 

The only part of the movie I felt was a little weak was when Thorin stepped from the tree to face Azog. Nevermind the shampoo-commercial-like flowing of his hair and odd slow-mo, I was screaming 'Your companions are still hanging on that tree!!!' Also, my friend whispering things like 'Attila the Hun' next to me didn't help matters. Don't get me wrong, I loved it all the same, and Richard Armitage is hot hot hot hot hot (in Toby Turner voice). 

His battle with Azog still reminded me of that scene in One Piece where Zoro faced Mihawk though XD
Oh and I love the bit where Bilbo was contemplating whether or not to kill Gollum, and Gollum was like:
萌え! Never did I thought would come the day I use the word 'cute' to describe Gollum. Well there you have it. 

Throughout the whole thing Thorin was a big tsundere! I almost burst out laughing when the first words that came out of him after he regained consciousness was asking about 'the halfling'. (Moe fangirl gushing all around the theater during that bit too...), and the whole tsundere apology and hug! Damn, two seasons in Sherlock and still we don't see a hug between Benedict and Martin. =3= 
*faces wall* I will not ship this pairing...I will not ship this pairing... I will not search for fanfics (I have a weakness for well-written fanficiton.).....

Oh I hope die-hard fans of the series won't read and murder me...

Anyways, it's a wonderful film, and I think it did the books justice. Though by all means not a short film, I'm sure we all felt it ended way too soon. (Smaug's eye looks terrifying!! Especially in 3-D) *sighs* Another year to wait, another thing to wait for... Looking forward to Star Trek now! Benedict's voice in the trailer is perfect! 

Oh that voice!!! Why would Benedict's character have to even lift a finger to get what he wants? He could just use that voice on everyone.

Oh and of course the game of F**k Marry Kill with Hobbit characters have hardly gone under the radar! 

Need I say more? Out of all the possible reasons he has to pick Smaug's voice! ☆.。.:*(萌´Д`萌).。.:*☆ 

Now I'm inspired to make something Hobbit-related... hmm... possibly Bilbo, which reminds me I haven't posted my Smaug amigurumi yet. Bilbo will have to wait after I make John though... Sherlock's lonely.

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