Gandalf Hat- Finished!!! (≧∇≦)/

I've finally finished making my Gandalf hat!!!

As I said before, this is my first felting project, so I was nervous as hell with the sizing.

This is what it looks like pre-felting. In this photo I haven't sewn in the brim yet. (The brim is knitted so that there's two layers folded over, and so the second layer has to be sewn on. The stitch definitions are very noticeable (well duh), and the hat has trouble standing on its own. (I'm actually holding the tip in this photo)

I hand-felted the whole thing, which took me about two episodes of Dexter's time. (This includes some break time)

As you can see, the stitch definitions are almost completely gone, and the whole hat is a lot stiffer and sturdier. The brim is still a bit floppy for my taste, but I guess for a first try, I'm pretty happy with it.

Here's me wearing it  (*´∀`*) 

Sadly, I've run out of money for more yarn or craft supplies, so the chainmail armor would have to wait a bit. I have some spare yarn lying around, so maybe I'll work up a project from those =D


Gandalf Hat

The post-Hobbit craze has yet to end for me! I took a break from the chainmail because I ran out of twine, and the closest craft store is a pretty long walk from my house. Besides, the yarn I ordered is here, and I'm set to begin making my Gandalf hat. I'm better with a crochet hook, but I've decided to knit this one. Hopefully the result will be wearable. 

This project will be my first attempt at felting. I've avoided felting projects because the washing machine I have doesn't work with hot water, so any attempt would mean hand-felting, and I was just too lazy XP For the hat, I really want that stiffer texture, so it's time I roll up my sleeves and get to it.

This is about 12 rows of i-cord after casting on. I've also never knitted in rounds before, so it's a bit disorienting at first trying to juggle so many needles. 

A good few inches in now! (You can see my circular needles waiting in line =D)  It's a bit floppy, I'm hoping it would stand better once felted.

I expect to finish it in the next few days~ ヽ(*・ω・)ノ



Crocheted Chainmail

I'm on winter break, which means time for bigger projects!
I'm planning to make a Gandalf-styled hat (I say 'styled' because I want mine to be for myself and in dark blue), and as I was describing how I hope it will turn out to a friend, he asked if I could make chainmail.

To which my immediate response was 'impossible!', but as I said that my fingers were already typing searches on chainmail tutorials. That set off the strongest desire to make an actual chainmail armor!

I did figure out how to put the links together, but I quickly realized that if I am really going to use PVC pipe and piece everything together, I won't be able to finish my Gandalf hat before school starts again.

So crochet it is! In fact in many movies the minor characters' armors are made this way: knitted then painted to look like metal.

I used twine for a stiffer, sturdy texture. I chose a thinner twine with less 'hair' on it. It cost me 40NTD (that's about $1.25) every 80g skein, and it should take around 6 skeins to complete the tunic pattern found on Betty Crotchitt's lovely site.

After half a day's work, I caught up with all the new episodes of my favorite TV series (Bones, Leverage, Criminal Minds...), and is now halfway through finishing the crocheting part. Here's what I have so far:

I plan on spray-painting the whole thing silver, then ageing it a bit. Can't wait to finish and see how it turns out!


Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess- Midna Mask

I was rummaging through some old boxes, and I found an old craft project. I made this a long time ago in art class. It shortly after the time my dad got me Twilight Princess for Christmas. I remember spending much more time playing it than I probably should have. My favorite character in the game is Midna, the adorable imp that was a better guide than Navi could ever be.

It was no love at first sight, I remember hating her when she first appeared and tried several times to shake her off of wolf Link's back. But she was so charming that by the time she threw herself in front of Zant and nearly died (hope I didn't spoil the plot for anyone), I was practically in tears. 

Anyway, I was so obsessed with the game that when my teacher said we were making masks, Minda immediately sprang to mind. So here it is:

Here are some details of the helmet.

  It's made with lightweight modeling clay and acrylic paint. The bronze hue is a beautiful blend of gold, silver, and just a smudge of black paint. It took ages to complete, and I nearly finished watching someone's playthrough on Youtube before it was done.

Some of the details might not be completely accurate, but I love it! (I wore it everywhere after it was finished until my mom couldn't stand it anymore and threatened to throw it away.)

Typing this up made me want to play the game over again... too bad I don't have Wii in my dorm. I guess it's a good thing, actually, since I'm in finals week and have two subjects tomorrow. (Then what are you doing here!!!!!!?)


Happy Birthday, Sherlock!

Yes, everyone, today is this man's birthday!

Not Benedict Cumberbatch, I'm talking about Sherlock Holmes. (Though to be honest the line that separates  Sherlock from Benedict is blurring for me as I type XD) 

Though it has never been officially announced in Doyle books when exactly Sherlock's birthday is, it's pretty much agreed that it is 1/6. There are supposedly two explanations for this:

1.) Sherlock often quotes Shakespeare, but the only thing he has quoted twice is The Twelfth Night, which happens to be January 6.
2.) The Valley of Fear, the last Sherlock Holmes novel, starts on January 7. Holmes seemed cranky in the beginning of the story. Why? Because of a hangover. Why? Well, he must be celebrating something. What could he have been celebrating? His birthday, of course. Or so it was deduced. 

It seemed like funny reasons to me, but hey, as long as I have a day to celebrate the wonderful sleuth's birth with, I'm all good.

I can finally announce it! I've bought myself a skull!!!!

I love it!! Now I can freak people out by introducing my 'friend' to them! It now serves as a bookend on my desk, and Sherlock sits on top of it (●´∀`●)

So anyways to celebrate, my friend Joyce and I went to a English place for lunch. It's no Speedy's Cafe, but we had a lovely English breakfast and Shepard's pie. 

Yummy! Then we did a birthday song and made up silly wishes for Sherlock. (Like wishing they'd win a year's supply of milk so he and John wouldn't need to argue about who should go buy some.) 

Then we exchanged gifts. I'd bought two skulls, and one of them was for this occasion. Hopefully Joyce's roommates won't hate me for it XD

As for me? I got a pipe. I will most likely never use it, but I LOVE IT SOOOO MUCH!!! It's between my lips right now as I type ^^

It's a wonderful day, even with the impending doom of finals coming up tomorrow *hides face* I will most likely spend the rest of tonight not studying re-watching the BBC version and re-reading the novels. Very productive of me, I know.

I'll end this post then, with these final words:  Happy Birthday, Sherlock Holmes!!!