Don't Starve - Chester Amigurumi

It's winter break now, and I've been playing Don't Starve Together with my boyfriend, who got the game for me as a Christmas present. We're now on day 200+ (I'm playing as Wilson, by the way.), surviving reasonably well with a self-sustaining base. Take a look =)

We both just looove Chester, as was ecstatic when we found the eye bone. Chester's been living at our base, and we take him on adventures. Here's me dancing with Chester.

And here is a bonfire night with friendly pigs after a walrus hunt. Chester is really warming up to our  pig friends XD

So then I was looking at the Don't Starve wikia, and saw that they've made a Chester plushie!! Naturally, I have to have one too, and so I decided to make my own:

Ta-da~~ Do excuse the fact that the picture was taken on my bed XD He's made with furry orange yarn, which is very soft and doesn't hold its shape very well, so I added another layer inside with brown acrylic yarn. I also made the eye bone, which fits right in the chest, with enough room left over for a phone or other trinkets.  

The pattern is pretty straightforward, basically two halves of a sphere sewn together. I didn't take notes while I'm making this (it cut in line on front of a bigger project so I was in a hurry to finish) so I don't have a very specific pattern. Feel free to message me if you wan to make one and have trouble deducing how something is done.
We also have a pet Koalefant, which I am adding to the long list of things I want to make. Everything in Don't Starve is just so adorable! Might be seeing more DS amigurumis from me in the future~