Bilbo Baggins Amigurumi

It's done! My very own adorable gentle-hobbit. I tried something a bit different with this amigurimi. I added a nose and ears, which I never do in fear of messing everything up. I also made an attempt to shape the limbs a bit more instead of just making a tube... hope it shows XD

Anyway, here it is~

close-up of the clothes

Isn't he adorable!!!? I considered giving him eyebrows, but then again I don't want to fix him with a permanent expression. The yarn for his hair was already curly so it only took a bit of wax to get it just the way I wanted =)

1 hobbit and a dragon down, 13 dwarves and a wizard to go!


Experiments- Koala's March Balls

I read a post on Plurk the other day that said that if you took a box of Lotte's Koala's March cookies, (The ones pictured below, if you've never had any before. If that's the case, I feel so bad for you because they're great XD) shake it for about 30 to 60 minutes, you'll end up with a chocolate (or whichever flavor you're working with) and crushed cookies ball.

It soon became a trend all over, to the point where the cookies were sold out in the nearest 7-11 when I tried to get a box! 

Anyway, naturally I decided to give it a try. After all, worst-case scenario is that I end up with chocolaty goo. Which doesn't sound all that bad, all things considered.

You can feel the koalas crushing and getting dismembered as you start to shake it. After awhile the contents inside start to feel a lot more solid.

And around 30 minutes (I don't know how long exactly, my arms got sore and I took a break), voila!

The moisture in the filling softened up the cookie, but it's still slightly crunchy.

And of course I couldn't stop there! So my dear roommate and I went and got the other flavors as well.

This is strawberry, it's a bit too sweet for me but it smells sooo nice! You can smell the strawberry even before you open the package!

Next is cream. It took a longer time than the others to shake into a ball. Esther assumes it's because of a higher protein content, but we're no scientists, and there are too many factors we couldn't account for, so we do the only thing we can do after dissecting it-- eat it up. Yum!


Challenge- The Hobbit Company

I'm giving myself a challenge, and hopefully putting this here would prompt people to supervise me and see that I get it done. I want to make the Hobbit characters- everyone in the company and one evil dragon- before the end of this year. 


That's one dragon down, a hobbit, 13 dwarves, and a wizard to go. 

Okay... I'm starting to feel queasy after putting the photo up. That's a lot of dwarves! 

I'm starting with our dear burglar. 

This is the reference pic so far. There was a inner battle between this version and Bilbo with his suspenders, but I decided on the perfectly respectable version XD 

He's the most colorful of the lot, isn't he? After him I guess I'll be dealing with loads of grays and browns XD

Providing that I finish, of course. 

So if anyone out there is reading this and would like to see the whole cast completed, I'd love a word of encouragement (or scolding, if I'm slacking off).

I'd love to take them all to the next Hobbit movie with me =)

Hatsune Miku's Leek

    This week's Friday night horror movie project~ That means I watch a horror film with my roommate while crocheting so that by the end of the movie I barely remember the characters' names and can only vaguely recall the plot.
     Come to think of it, I've gone through seasons of TV shows never really getting the plot... XD

     Anyway, this week's project is Miku's leek. Of course anyone even remotely familiar with Vocaloid will know Miku's Ievan Polkka, the video in which she waves a leek back and forth.

As it happens, the leek I made turned out to be as tall as my Miku amigurumi, since I wanted to be able to swish it around (in case I ever cosplayed as Miku XD) Here it is: 

I watched the video again and again while waving the leek until I realized that I look utterly stupid (which I should have realized halfway through the first time, not until my arm felt sore XDD)


Lord of The Rings Inspired Dwarven Beard Helmet

    My friend Glen, who is a huge LOTR fan, sent me a photo of a crocheted bearded helmet, and he was so excited about it that I promised to make him one, as long as a.) he pays for the materials, and b.) he wears it to the next Hobbit movie.
    So I went crazy on the next yarn-shopping spree and started sketching out the design I want. I based the helmet off of Gimli's helmet from the LOTR movies, as most of the reference photos I found for helmets seem to be his.

Here's what I have for the helmet part. (Forgive the awful quality of the photo and the state of my face XD)

The beard consisted of a base, with clumps of yarn hooked onto it. Here's my dear roommate Esther in the half-completed beard.

I finished it this afternoon and gave it to Glen right away. Here he is modeling the completed project. It's almost summer and we have sweltering hot weather, but he just won't take it off XDDD

The materials are all set now for Bilbo, so I'm probably gonna make him next. Let's see how many dwarfs I can finish before the next movie comes out!


Amigurumi Puppy with Fun Fur

Too busy for updates, but this was actually finished a month ago. I was shopping at a craft shop near my school and found this Japanese fun fur...-ish yarn. I loved the feel of it so much that it magically went into my shopping cart.

I decided to make myself a furry little critter. In this case, a puppy.

Here's the head sitting on top of the rest of the yarn. It looks like a fluffy snow man XDD

I don't know if it's the best way or not, but I used a smaller hook, and brushed the hair out with a fine-toothed comb every now and then. It worked pretty well for me. 

Here's what the completed puppy looks like:

And there he is, finished! I love how nice and fluffy he is!!!