Lord of The Rings Inspired Dwarven Beard Helmet

    My friend Glen, who is a huge LOTR fan, sent me a photo of a crocheted bearded helmet, and he was so excited about it that I promised to make him one, as long as a.) he pays for the materials, and b.) he wears it to the next Hobbit movie.
    So I went crazy on the next yarn-shopping spree and started sketching out the design I want. I based the helmet off of Gimli's helmet from the LOTR movies, as most of the reference photos I found for helmets seem to be his.

Here's what I have for the helmet part. (Forgive the awful quality of the photo and the state of my face XD)

The beard consisted of a base, with clumps of yarn hooked onto it. Here's my dear roommate Esther in the half-completed beard.

I finished it this afternoon and gave it to Glen right away. Here he is modeling the completed project. It's almost summer and we have sweltering hot weather, but he just won't take it off XDDD

The materials are all set now for Bilbo, so I'm probably gonna make him next. Let's see how many dwarfs I can finish before the next movie comes out!

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