Hatsune Miku's Leek

    This week's Friday night horror movie project~ That means I watch a horror film with my roommate while crocheting so that by the end of the movie I barely remember the characters' names and can only vaguely recall the plot.
     Come to think of it, I've gone through seasons of TV shows never really getting the plot... XD

     Anyway, this week's project is Miku's leek. Of course anyone even remotely familiar with Vocaloid will know Miku's Ievan Polkka, the video in which she waves a leek back and forth.

As it happens, the leek I made turned out to be as tall as my Miku amigurumi, since I wanted to be able to swish it around (in case I ever cosplayed as Miku XD) Here it is: 

I watched the video again and again while waving the leek until I realized that I look utterly stupid (which I should have realized halfway through the first time, not until my arm felt sore XDD)