Amigurumi Puppy with Fun Fur

Too busy for updates, but this was actually finished a month ago. I was shopping at a craft shop near my school and found this Japanese fun fur...-ish yarn. I loved the feel of it so much that it magically went into my shopping cart.

I decided to make myself a furry little critter. In this case, a puppy.

Here's the head sitting on top of the rest of the yarn. It looks like a fluffy snow man XDD

I don't know if it's the best way or not, but I used a smaller hook, and brushed the hair out with a fine-toothed comb every now and then. It worked pretty well for me. 

Here's what the completed puppy looks like:

And there he is, finished! I love how nice and fluffy he is!!! 


  1. This gumi is beautiful! I've seen your dolls and I dare to give you some advice from old weaver: you must floss finer, less thick, because they look better your work. I speak Spanish and I'm with google translator so forgive the wording. Success in your next job!

    1. Thank you =)Thank you for your advice as well. I'm not quite sure what you mean though... do you mean use a finer yarn?