Challenge- The Hobbit Company

I'm giving myself a challenge, and hopefully putting this here would prompt people to supervise me and see that I get it done. I want to make the Hobbit characters- everyone in the company and one evil dragon- before the end of this year. 


That's one dragon down, a hobbit, 13 dwarves, and a wizard to go. 

Okay... I'm starting to feel queasy after putting the photo up. That's a lot of dwarves! 

I'm starting with our dear burglar. 

This is the reference pic so far. There was a inner battle between this version and Bilbo with his suspenders, but I decided on the perfectly respectable version XD 

He's the most colorful of the lot, isn't he? After him I guess I'll be dealing with loads of grays and browns XD

Providing that I finish, of course. 

So if anyone out there is reading this and would like to see the whole cast completed, I'd love a word of encouragement (or scolding, if I'm slacking off).

I'd love to take them all to the next Hobbit movie with me =)