Experiments- Koala's March Balls

I read a post on Plurk the other day that said that if you took a box of Lotte's Koala's March cookies, (The ones pictured below, if you've never had any before. If that's the case, I feel so bad for you because they're great XD) shake it for about 30 to 60 minutes, you'll end up with a chocolate (or whichever flavor you're working with) and crushed cookies ball.

It soon became a trend all over, to the point where the cookies were sold out in the nearest 7-11 when I tried to get a box! 

Anyway, naturally I decided to give it a try. After all, worst-case scenario is that I end up with chocolaty goo. Which doesn't sound all that bad, all things considered.

You can feel the koalas crushing and getting dismembered as you start to shake it. After awhile the contents inside start to feel a lot more solid.

And around 30 minutes (I don't know how long exactly, my arms got sore and I took a break), voila!

The moisture in the filling softened up the cookie, but it's still slightly crunchy.

And of course I couldn't stop there! So my dear roommate and I went and got the other flavors as well.

This is strawberry, it's a bit too sweet for me but it smells sooo nice! You can smell the strawberry even before you open the package!

Next is cream. It took a longer time than the others to shake into a ball. Esther assumes it's because of a higher protein content, but we're no scientists, and there are too many factors we couldn't account for, so we do the only thing we can do after dissecting it-- eat it up. Yum!

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