Gandalf Hat- Finished!!! (≧∇≦)/

I've finally finished making my Gandalf hat!!!

As I said before, this is my first felting project, so I was nervous as hell with the sizing.

This is what it looks like pre-felting. In this photo I haven't sewn in the brim yet. (The brim is knitted so that there's two layers folded over, and so the second layer has to be sewn on. The stitch definitions are very noticeable (well duh), and the hat has trouble standing on its own. (I'm actually holding the tip in this photo)

I hand-felted the whole thing, which took me about two episodes of Dexter's time. (This includes some break time)

As you can see, the stitch definitions are almost completely gone, and the whole hat is a lot stiffer and sturdier. The brim is still a bit floppy for my taste, but I guess for a first try, I'm pretty happy with it.

Here's me wearing it  (*´∀`*) 

Sadly, I've run out of money for more yarn or craft supplies, so the chainmail armor would have to wait a bit. I have some spare yarn lying around, so maybe I'll work up a project from those =D

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