Kamenashi Kazuya 1582 amigurumi

Today is Kamenashi Kazuya's birthday!! Happy birthday, dear Kame-chan ヽ(*⌒∇⌒*)ノ

I didn't have time to make something for the occasion, unfortunately, not even for a short one-shot on fanfiction. Instead I'll post something I made two summers ago.

One of my favorite songs by Kame is 1582, a song about the story of Oda Nobunaga and Nōhime. In the stunning stage performance of this song he portrayed the two roles perfectly. See the video for the amazing performance:

I loved it so much that I made an amigurumi based on his outfit in the performance.

This is the photo I referenced from the most, but I still watched the DVD a billion times and went through countless galleries before I came up with a design. (Not that I'm complaining XD)

The kimono was a pain in the neck to figure out. I decided against crocheting it since I wanted a flowing texture, so I hand-sewn the whole thing instead. The clothes are all removable, so that they can be maneuvered into the different styles worn in the concert.

Here's the result: 

I even made the jewelry he wore at the time. Then I sprayed a bit of Burberry Weekend for Men (the perfume Kame wore at that time) on him. He now lives with my dear friend Joyce, who was the one to introduce me to KAT-TUN and got me to fall in love with them in the first place.

I hope I find time to make the rest of KT, I'm itching to start on Ueda Tatsuya in the Rabbit or Wolf  concert outfit <3

Anyway, Happy 27th Birthday, dear Kame-chan~ XOXO


  1. Oh my gosh I seriously love this! Wonderful job! You don't sell these do you? So cute!

    1. Thank you! I'm glad you like him. He's not for sale though, unfortunately. He's a birthday present for my best friend in high school =)

  2. What pattern did you base the doll from?

    1. I didn't use a pattern, just gauged what I needed as I went along. This is one of my earlier dolls. I now use a more refined base, which I might write down and post in the future. =)