Amigurumi Hair Tutorial- Pigtails

So this is a tutorial of how I make the hair of my crocheted dolls. There are many ways to apply hair to dolls, this is the method that works best for me, so don't go telling me that I'm 'doing it wrong'.

Okay, so first you'll want to figure out the hairstyle you want your doll to have. In this tutorial I'm using my Hatsune Miku doll's pigtails as an example.

So for Miku's hair, I'll divide everything into three sections: the bangs, and the two pigtails.

I use marking chalk to mark out her hairline for the bangs. Then another line right behind it, which is where the roots of all the rest of the hair will go.

This is the back of the head. Mark out the red lines for reference. The blue 'X' is where I want the pigtails to be.

I prefer starting with the bangs. Measure the length you want the hair to be (I always add 1cm just to be on the safe side), and cut a piece four times that length.

Insert your crochet hook to the stitch you want to knot your hair on.

Fold the yarn in half twice, and pull through the stitch. (as shown above)

Thread the ends of the yarn through the loop and pull tight. Continue to work along the lines.

Here's how she looks after her bangs are knotted on. I then cut the ends and sectioned it off according to her hairstyle.

Repeat the process on the back of the head, knotting along the lines you've marked.

Remember, because you're tying the hair up later, you'll need to keep the length in mind. When measuring the length of hair, remember to measure from 'the marked line' to the 'X', then to wherever you want the hair to fall (in Miku's case, around her ankles). 

Once done, pull the hair into pigtails and secure. I use a strand of the same colored yarn to tie each pigtail up.

Back of the head after tying hair in place.

Last but not least, styling! I use the strongest hair wax I can get my hands on to style my dolls. Do NOT use glue, it leaves a yucky film over the yarn and makes it look like your doll has a really bad case of dandruffs. 

You can also use embroidery thread instead of yarn for much finer hair.

Feel free to leave a comment if there are any questions or suggestions~ =)

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  1. oh wow i just fell in love with this doll n m halfway in completing it. a doubt is dat if i should change color after crocheting the body for the legs... tqs a bunch for the pattern its awesome....:)