Gandalf Hat

The post-Hobbit craze has yet to end for me! I took a break from the chainmail because I ran out of twine, and the closest craft store is a pretty long walk from my house. Besides, the yarn I ordered is here, and I'm set to begin making my Gandalf hat. I'm better with a crochet hook, but I've decided to knit this one. Hopefully the result will be wearable. 

This project will be my first attempt at felting. I've avoided felting projects because the washing machine I have doesn't work with hot water, so any attempt would mean hand-felting, and I was just too lazy XP For the hat, I really want that stiffer texture, so it's time I roll up my sleeves and get to it.

This is about 12 rows of i-cord after casting on. I've also never knitted in rounds before, so it's a bit disorienting at first trying to juggle so many needles. 

A good few inches in now! (You can see my circular needles waiting in line =D)  It's a bit floppy, I'm hoping it would stand better once felted.

I expect to finish it in the next few days~ ヽ(*・ω・)ノ


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