Crocheted Chainmail

I'm on winter break, which means time for bigger projects!
I'm planning to make a Gandalf-styled hat (I say 'styled' because I want mine to be for myself and in dark blue), and as I was describing how I hope it will turn out to a friend, he asked if I could make chainmail.

To which my immediate response was 'impossible!', but as I said that my fingers were already typing searches on chainmail tutorials. That set off the strongest desire to make an actual chainmail armor!

I did figure out how to put the links together, but I quickly realized that if I am really going to use PVC pipe and piece everything together, I won't be able to finish my Gandalf hat before school starts again.

So crochet it is! In fact in many movies the minor characters' armors are made this way: knitted then painted to look like metal.

I used twine for a stiffer, sturdy texture. I chose a thinner twine with less 'hair' on it. It cost me 40NTD (that's about $1.25) every 80g skein, and it should take around 6 skeins to complete the tunic pattern found on Betty Crotchitt's lovely site.

After half a day's work, I caught up with all the new episodes of my favorite TV series (Bones, Leverage, Criminal Minds...), and is now halfway through finishing the crocheting part. Here's what I have so far:

I plan on spray-painting the whole thing silver, then ageing it a bit. Can't wait to finish and see how it turns out!


  1. What stitch did you use for this i plan to make a skirt for my sis

  2. It's worked throughout in half double crochet, the pattern is included in a link in the post.
    Hope your sister likes it =)

  3. You should try using 28 gauge wire! I've used it for crochet jewellery so I bet it would look really amazing as chain mail, what you did is fantastic though!