Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess- Midna Mask

I was rummaging through some old boxes, and I found an old craft project. I made this a long time ago in art class. It shortly after the time my dad got me Twilight Princess for Christmas. I remember spending much more time playing it than I probably should have. My favorite character in the game is Midna, the adorable imp that was a better guide than Navi could ever be.

It was no love at first sight, I remember hating her when she first appeared and tried several times to shake her off of wolf Link's back. But she was so charming that by the time she threw herself in front of Zant and nearly died (hope I didn't spoil the plot for anyone), I was practically in tears. 

Anyway, I was so obsessed with the game that when my teacher said we were making masks, Minda immediately sprang to mind. So here it is:

Here are some details of the helmet.

  It's made with lightweight modeling clay and acrylic paint. The bronze hue is a beautiful blend of gold, silver, and just a smudge of black paint. It took ages to complete, and I nearly finished watching someone's playthrough on Youtube before it was done.

Some of the details might not be completely accurate, but I love it! (I wore it everywhere after it was finished until my mom couldn't stand it anymore and threatened to throw it away.)

Typing this up made me want to play the game over again... too bad I don't have Wii in my dorm. I guess it's a good thing, actually, since I'm in finals week and have two subjects tomorrow. (Then what are you doing here!!!!!!?)

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