Sherlock Amigurumi

   A few weeks after making animal Sherlock character amigumis, I became obsessed with making a humanoid ones. A visit to the local craft shop and about three days later, this is what I came up with:

     I based the clothes off of the DVD cover. The coat is sewn on, though the scarf is removable (Though who would want to take the scarf off? It's not like he actually has amazing collarbones to drool at XD) He stands at about 25 centimeters, and he now stands on my desk next to the novels and the Casebook.

Close-up of the clothes.
     The hair took me so long to do! I knot them onto the head in clumps. I looked through lots and lots of pictures to figure out what to do. Not that I'm complaining, staring at pictures of Benedict Cumberbatch is never a chore! The curls took up a lot of gel. I used yarn for the hair, as opposed to the embroidery thread I used for my earlier amigurumis. Embroidery thread looks better since it's finer and easier to style, but it takes too much time and I just happened to have a lot of black yarn left over. I probably shouldn't have skimped out XDD

     I have almost all of the materials set for John, just missing the shade of olive green I've been looking for. (I want to make the jacket from the end of season 1) hopefully after watching The Hobbit my undying love for Martin Freeman will push me to finish making it sooner >w<


  1. That is amazing! :-) I would love to purchase the pattern if you have it!

  2. Oh my goodness, please post a pattern! This would make a great birthday gift for my sister.

  3. wow....you did an awesome job!!!! i dont even know the first thing to making a pattern

  4. Would love a pattern to make one for my son for his birthday :) Very clever!

  5. Thank you ... NOT! Now I have a drewling daughter kneeling in front of me while kissing my feet, begging me to make one for her. Hoe van I get a pattern?

  6. For people asking for the pattern:
    Unfortunately I don't have it written down when I made it, which was quite awhile ago, and I don' t have Sherlock with me now to retrace the pattern with. I'm terrible with patterns because I do most of my stuff free-hand, but all my humanoid amigurumis is about the same, the head starting with a magic ring of 6 stitches increasing to about 36 or 42 stitches before decreasing (forming a sphere), and after decreasing to 12 stitches decrease to 9 stitches in the next round. Do about two more rounds before increasing again to form neck and shoulders. (Sorry if it's a bit vague, my memories is a bit fuzzy) The body is 28 stitches around, I did this in light grey for the shirt, then added two pieces consisting of rows of single crochets in dark grey for the vest (I started with 7 stitches then gradually decreased on one side, then I sew the pieces to the front of the body (so if you lift the coat you can see that the vest only covers the front)
    The collar of the shirt is a two rows of single crochets, and the coat... um, I'd quite forgotten how I did it, but it's made with rows and rows of single crochets as well. The arms and legs are 8 and 12 stitches around respectively, and the legs were sewn onto a circle (magic ring with 7 stitches, increasing to 28), before the whole thing is attached to the body. For shoes please reference my pattern for Hatsune Miku. Hair is yarn knotted onto the scalp in a spiral, then styled with hair gel.
    Sorry if that's a bit vague, but you might be able to make it with some experimenting. Cheers =)