Christmas Decorations!

     It's almost Christmas! I'm not going to be home for Christmas, and I'm going to be missing out on the beautiful-albeit tiny- Christmas tree my mom puts up every year p(´⌒`。q) And Christmas happens to be my mom's birthday, so it's doubly sad that I can't be with them. Anyway, even though I'm going to be staying at my dorm this Christmas, I'm going to make sure it's as Christmas-y as I could possibly manage! 

     This beautiful wreath now hangs on the door of my dorm room. I got the gorgeous pattern from the lovely  blog Handmade with love by G, the decorations are just a simple bow, little crocheted berries, and a string of slip stitches. I made it with just about a ball of Excel Ex991 in green with a 4.0mm hook.

Then I decided to spread the festive feeling around, so I made a stocking and filled it up with candy, so that all everyone in the dorm can help themselves =)

The note is in Chinese and reads: There's candy and chocolate inside, please help yourselves =)  It's getting cold, remember to stay warm (and gain some fat XD) -love from room 5553 (Now I've went ahead and revealed where I live > <)

     The pattern I followed for the stocking was meant for a softer yarn, and I pulled a a bit too hard when I realized I was running out of red, so it came out a bit funky, but I love it all the same =) I'm just so embarrassed that the loose ends were untucked when the first photo was taken! The card with Santa and Rudolph on it came from one of my roommates, who cut it out from a package she got. We're very economical X)

     And what Christmas is complete without a Christmas tree? My roommate and I saw a small Christmas tree on sale (we got it for 39NTD, which is a little over a dollar), and I crocheted the decorations. We don't have a star to put on top, so we substituted with a flower and an adorable figurine I got from a gashapon vending machine (pictured in the left, she was originally meant to sit at the edge of a cup). Most of the decorations were just multicolored crocheted balls, but I added some pine cones and snowflakes. I love the snowflakes so much I'm planning on making a whole bunch and hanging them up everywhere.

     We'll be doing an Christmas/Winter Solstice celebration this weekend, where we'll be making red bean soup with tangyuans, which is a tradition here for winter solstice. We're coupling that up with secret Santa and Christmas carols, can't wait!!!

     Have a Merry Christmas everyone! =)

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