Hetalia- Taiwan amigurumi

I love the anime APH- Axis Power Hetalia. My ships are FrUK, USUA, Russia/Prussia, Russia/China, and, most of all, Japan/ Taiwan. So how can I not make a amigurumi for this series!? And of course out of all the characters I picked Taiwan, my adorable native country! How I wish she could be a bigger part of the series! So this is what she looks like, for those who don't know:

The flowers in her hair are plum blossoms, the national flower of Taiwan. I presumed that she pinned cherry blossoms in her hair when we were under the Japanese colonization, and peonies when we were a part of China. I wrote a short fanfiction for our Independence Day a few years back, and it can be found here.

Anyway, I finished the amigurumi with some difficulty (I'd always had trouble with female characters... I tend to make the breasts uneven OAQQ) I am very happy with the results, and took her out for a day of photo-shoots on a family trip to the beautiful Nanyuan, a traditional styled manor open to the public.

Here she is on the ride to Nanyuan! 

Who are you thinking of, dear Taiwan? =)

I love the details on the windows, so pretty =)

Isn't she beautiful? I had so much fun making her. The hair is brown embroidery floss, which I find makes better hair than yarn does. I tried my best to make it as close to the manga (actually, I sorta like the fanart versions more) as possible, so hopefully people will recognize her right away =)

I really love taking these pictures outdoors! Love the way they turned out. I should do this with my amigurumis more often!

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  1. Oh my gosh! She's adorable! I would love to have the pattern. Are you going to post it on etsy or is it going to be free? What other aph characters are you going to do? (Please do Japan, Prussia, or Italy next. Please!) ^_^