Amigurumi- Alice in Wonderland

I love the game Alice: Madness Returns. Sure, I totally suck at controlling with keyboard and mouse, and I can somehow die 20 times in 30 minutes in easy mode, but I love the graphics, the setting, the storyline... and I'm just a sucker for dark fairy tales.

Game trailer (may contain violent content, you have been warned) : 

Didn't mean to freak people out with that, I apologize if anyone is freaked out.

The point of this post isn't even the game. And I made this amigurumi long before I got the game. The little relevance to the game is really just the fact that it's also Alice, albeit a normal, not-covered-in-blood-and-gore version. Sorry, I just can't help but share my love for the dark Alice XD

This is part of a collection of smaller humanoid amigurumis I did earlier this year. They are only about 12 cm tall, and take much less time than full-sized ones, easily whipped up within a day, and they make nice decorations around the house. I want to do one for every one of my favorite fairy tales! (Then maybe a set of dark ones?)

I also did the Little Red Riding Hood, pictured here:

I ran out of button eyes so I just used reguar beads... a decision I regret... as it made her already funky face funkier (?) But overall I'm happy with how she turned out.

Oh and I don't know if people notice, but my amigurumis don't ever have mouths. Mostly it's because whenever I try to put one on, it turns out looking worse, so over time I just stopped trying. Perhaps it's due to my horrific embroidery skill. Oh well, I kinda like them without mouths. Hello Kitty doesn't have one (bad example lol, I actually dislike Hello Kitty quite a bit)

Busy with finals, I wanted to post everything I made in 2012 so I can have a fresh start for 2013 but I guess that's not happening =/