Murder Room: Real-life Escape Game

    I love escape games.  For those who don't know, the games basically consist of you trapped in a room or certain space, and the object is to find clues to escape. I play mostly Japanese ones like 'Find The Escape Men' or ones by Gotmail or Robamimi, but I also love the Submachine series. I've put the links to each game up, do try one if you haven't already =D
    I've been playing these for years, and have whole notebooks filled with scribbles of clues and calculations. (Some of these might require a bit of math. Not scary math, just adding and subtracting and such, if I could manage it I'm sure everyone can XD)
    So anyway Riddle Me This Studios, this group in Taiwan (where I live, by the way) is producing a series of real-life escape games! And of course I got tickets right away~ 
    Each game lasts 50 minutes, with a maximum of 8 players. We're taken to a room where clues have been set up, and we have to get out before time runs out.
    It. Was. Amazing!! The game we went to is called the Murder Room, where we have to solve the mystery before we can obtain the passwords to the door (or rather curtains, actually). I went with my roommate and a friend from high school, and we teamed  up with 5 other strangers. It's amazing how quickly we bonded and how well we cooperated. We were out with almost 2 minutes to spare~

   And of course I wore my long Sherlock-ish coat with a blue scarf to match O(≧∇≦)O

   This is actually my second real-life escape. The first was Remedy Room, where we got out with only nine seconds left because a girl on the team made a 1 in 20 guess and guessed the password right OAO I find the Murder Room to be a lot more fun, though a clue in Remedy Room uses the book cipher, which makes me feel all Sherlock XD.
    Getting ready for another escape challenge on Sunday! Fingers crossed!

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