Martin Freeman and his comments about Lucy Liu

     So a lot of my friends have been asking me if I heard about the whole 'Martin Freeman called Lucy Liu a dog' business. I'm not just defending Martin Freeman because he's in my fandom. Yes, I have seen the video, and I find it ridiculous how people are freaking out about it. Talk about overreacting. *rolls eyes*

     For one, you can tell he's clearly joking. I'm pretty sure anyone with eyes will agree that Lucy Liu is an attractive, beautiful actress. British humor is not the easiest to get, I suppose, and some people are just really bad at detecting sarcasm, but still, it's rather obvious that he wasn't serious. Come on, I mean Martin Freeman being serious about him being 'prettier' than Lucy Liu?  I didn't laugh like crazy, but he did prompt a good few chuckles from me.
    I hate people making it into a race thing. I'm Asian, and I've dealt with my share of racist comments, but I
really don't have a problem with what he said. I think the people obsessing over how the word 'dog' must have been used because Lucy Liu is Asian is truly being offensive.
    Oh and to those who say that Martin Freeman is homophobic: Seriously!? The man browses Johnlock fanart on tumblr, talks about shagging Gandalf, and plays a character who 1) had his clothes ripped off by another man in a darkened swimming pool, 2) obviously doesn't need an upstair bedroom, 3) counts the number of flirty text his male roommate recieves, 4) held hands with said roommate, and just about a million other reasons that make him 'not actually gay'. Yep, he's the most homophobic person in the world! For those who have trouble recognizing sarcasm, that was sarcastic.

    I love Lucy Liu, despite somewhat hating the flat character she plays in Elementary (I blame the writing). Before I saw the clip of the interview I thought he was talking about how her version of Watson is just following Sherlock around like a dog, because that was honestly my first impression of the series- a version of Doyle's books in which Watson is little more than a babysitter, which is a shame because the interaction between Holmes and Watson is such a big part of the series. And I mean that with all ships aside.

    So yeah, this is my two cents. You can agree or disagree. We're all falling into the media's trap of getting us worked up about it anyways.


  1. Thank you for the clarification. Nothing else on Google made any sense. I think you have a very level-headed approach to this rather dumb controversy. You are absolutely right that sarcasm, especially the dry British variety, is lost on my people.

  2. 100% agree with you. Thank you for your posting.

  3. My only comment is that you are more beautiful than Lucy Liu.