Amigurumi- Sheri (Unlight)

I've been obsessed with the Facebook game Unlight since last winter. It's a card battle kind of game that really had a lot to do with luck (which I seem to have little of, as I lose pretty much every time). I'm charmed by the beautiful characters in the game.

This is Evarist, my first character (you get to choose one from three when you start the game). He's notorious for never hitting his target, but I love him all the same //// I plan on making a amigurumi of him after his next level up (*´∀`*)ゞ

One of the most popular characters in Unlight, and one of my favorites as well, is Sheri, this adorable loli who increases attack by lowering her own health. (Thus dubbed 'M Sheri' by fans) I made an amigurumi of her after I got her to level 5 (the highest level so far) Here's a picture of the character:

And here's what I made:

Details of the skirt

Hairband- there's actually little skulls for the hair tie but I haven't figured out what to do yet.


I spent so much time one these little boots! The buckles are embroidered, so they look a bit funky (My embroidery is not the best XDDD)

I knew I had to make this right away after seeing these shades of purple. It was after buying the yarn that I started noting down the insane details of the dress. You can't really see in the picture, but I've even gone and made the bloomers XD The tiny details drove me insane, but I'm very happy with the result (*´∀`*)ゞ 

I definitely regret not using embroidery floss for the hair. I used three layers of gatsby hair gel, which is really strong stuff, but I still can't get the curls to have that airy effect. This is my first time doing pigtails, so they took a bit of experimenting. I cut pieces four times the length I want, fold it in half twice, and knot them onto the stitches of the scalp (I might do a tutorial next time I make an amigurumi). 
For pigtails I knotted the hair in two rows down the scalp, a row on the nape of the neck, a row above the fore head, and a row each down the sides of the head right behind where the ears should be (so basically two circles on the head), then pulled it up in pigtails before securing. The pigtails came out a little bit thicker than expected though > < I'm trying to figure out how to thin it out without letting bald patches show through.

She now sits on my desk and watches me play Unlight. Dare I hope for more wins with her cheering me on? =D

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