Smaug the dragon- Amigurumi

     Upon hearing about Benedict Cumberbatch's role in The Hobbit earlier this year, I've been obsessed with the idea of making a Smaug amigurumi. I searched for free patterns online but couldn't find one that matched what I had in mind. I decided then to make one on my own.
      My Smaug is inspired by this pattern by ChrysN on Instructables, who wrote a very detailed and brilliant depiction of Smaug complete with glowing eyes and smoke coming from the nostrils. Link to that pattern here. I wanted something more cuddly, and I want my version to be able to stand on its legs. Also, I wanted the wings to be more bat-like. It took me a couple of days with a lot of unraveling and redoing, but I finally came up with my version:

Close-up of the wings... they took me forever to get right!
He now lives with my friend Glen, who is a huge Tolkien fan, and guards his most precious books. 

I am very very bad at writing down patterns, so I can't provide a pattern for my version specifically. The wings are done with crocheted triangles sewn together. The belly is made separately, then sewn onto the body.

I have the greatest desire to put a blue scarf on him now!! >w<

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