Sisterhood of the Skirts Six Step Away

I went shopping with my dear friend and roommate Esther the other day. We saw these gorgeous long skirts and just had to get it.

Oh and I just have to mention how it was the first time I successfully bargained with the vendor! The price tag read 990NT, and we got them at 800NT each. I don't know if we got a bargain or not, but I'm very proud to have negotiated for a better price at all.

Mine is the one on the left. Though we agree that we can switch whenever we like.

Esther loves the series The Sisterhood of The Traveling Pants, and we always joked that amongst ourselves, we lived like cavemen... so we dubbed this Sisterhood of the Skirts Six Steps Away (our beds and desks are approximately six steps apart), and came up with a few rules:

1.) Don't pick your nose when wearing the skirt (or EVER, really XD)
2.) Don't be a caveman
3.) Don't hand-wash the skirt (this is actually a must-do, or so the vendor says)
4.) Do swearing while wearing the skirt
5.) Be a girl, not a bitch
6.) Love your skirt, love your sister

I foresee instances of us stepping out of the skirt in a hurry in order to shout a swearword......

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