Riddle Me This- Riddle 2

     Another real-life escape game!
     Last year I went to RMT workshop's series of escape games. The plot is set in the future, where we're all doomed for some reason unless we have a certain drug. The drug needed something called 'element T' to work, but the element no longer exists. In the past three games we found out about a professor's work on the drug and he evil schemes of the company the professor was in to control the world with drugs. We traveled back to the pass and acquired the mysterious element T, and solved the murder of the professor.
    This time, we're sneaking into the RMT company building, to make an antidote for the drug the company wants to use to control the world. Instead of simply looking around, clues are often given by characters we can engage. 80 minutes until time's up! The object is to escape with the remedy!

    I went with the group of people my friend and I met during an earlier escape game. We bonded very quickly and promised to go to every game together.
    W're the pink team!!

   My dear roommate Esther couldn't make it this time, so with us is my fellow nerd friend Glen and the lovely, possibly future roommate Lucy (six and third from the left respectively).

I love the added element of interaction with story characters. Certain clues can only be obtained if you approach the character in the right way.

There were all these secrets we had to uncover. Every character seems shrouded in mystery. And half way through the game a character dies!! (We were called into the bathroom and found him lying there. I almost screamed my head off XD)

We got to the final step, but we ran out of time. If only we had five more minutes! Out of the five groups participating in the challenge, only one group successfully escaped.

Oh well... there's another escape game at the end of this year. I'm sure we'll get out in time then!

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