First Tour Guide Experience- Japanese Visiting Students

Earlier this year I received an email asking for volunteer guides to show the visitors from our sister school in Japan around Taipei. I was hesitant but decided to apply, half-thinking I probably would't be hired anyways. I was caught off guard when, a day after sending out the forms, that everyone who applied would most likely be hired. XD

I was sooo nervous! My hometown is Taichung, and really didn't know Taipei all that well yet. Plus I'm not so confident about my Japanese. The people from the travel agency assured us that we can speak English but I'm still nervous as hell.

I met the girls (and thankfully I got an all-girls group!) at the National Palace Museum. We threaded through packs and packs of Chinese tourists and just barely got a glimpse of that famous  Jadeite Cabbage everyone's lining up to see.

I remembered being able to look at in for quite a long while without craning around a bunch of people when I was little... it certainly isn't the case anymore.

Thankfully one girl in my group speaks both Chinese and English fluently (bless her!), so I didn't have that much trouble communicating with them. 

I was sad to hear that the girls have not enjoyed their meals so far on their trip to Taiwan. It's such a shame! I've always loved food here and from all my travelings, found Taiwanese cuisine to be the best ever and take great pride in it. Must say it's disappointing to see that their traveling agency decided to skimp on food. I had made a reservation for Cha For Tea, a chain tea shop/restaurant. I had thought that the set meal might be a bit much for a high school girl, but they all ordered a set each! (Good gracious have they starved you all before? XD) I think they enjoyed the meal (lets out relieved breath)

I got them all to sign my planner~ (Ignore the stamps on the bottom, I got them on another trip XD)

After lunch we headed to Ximen. 

From the left: Me, Risa, Komeko, Mami, Tong, and Maki =)
Here's us in front of the Ximen Red House. It's a historical building now used for performances, displays, and shops of the most adorable labels.

This is Miho-chan, who took the picture above, otherwise known as Pochi for her absolute adorableness.

Their report topic for this trip is Taiwan's society. The girls designed a questionnaire, and we spent the better part of the afternoon getting people on the street to fill them out. (I did one too! ^^)

Afterwards we did a bit of shopping, then headed back to the hotel for the banquet. (All you can eat Haagen Daz!!! Yum!)

And look what the girls got me!!! 

 From the left is Maki, Risa, Komeko, and Pochi~ <3

Tong gave an impressive speech that she came up with under very short notice. So proud of her!

I tried to make small talk with super broken Japanese (hides face). Komeko (oh bless her adorable soul!!) asked me what my dream is, to which I replied is to become a writer. When she heard that I want to write fantasy novels she suddenly became very excited and the only word I can distinguish is 'ring'.

"...Lord of the Rings?"

This prompted a lot of nods. (Have I mentioned how absolutely adorable this girls is!?)


More nods. I begin to fear that her head will fall off.

"...Martin Freeman?"

To which her face reddened instantly!! 

"Sherlock? Cumberbatch?"

I have myself a fellow Sherlockian and I didn't realize it!! (bangs head against wall) Gathering courage, I pointed to myself. 


To which she nodded furiously and pointed to herself as well. 

And guess what? Tong and Risa are fujoshi too! And we all like pretty much the same pairings!

Holy crap I've been among my kind and it took me whole day to notice!!! I am such an idiot!! I was asked what manga I liked, and I answered "One Piece" because it's a 'safe' answer. Why didn't I pick up the signs!!!? They all knew what a Homoo is when they saw it on my cell phone, after all! I should have just gone all out and answered Sekaiichi Hatsukoi! 

Oh Komeko you are so cute!!! Thank you for asking me about  my dream! =)

I'm so glad I left my twitter and facebook, hope we keep in touch!

I had so much fun, hope they did too, and I really hope that I did Taiwan justice. Hopefully I can visit them in Japan one day, and that by then my Japanese will be decent enough to have long conversations with them!

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