Crochet Violets in Flowerpot

Today is the birthday of my lovely, wonderful freshman Eng. professor Mary~ I love her classes so much! (If you happen to be reading this, Happy Birthday!!! And I can't wait to take your American Lit. classes when they finally stop clashing with my schedules!!!)   

I remember surprise parties and pranks we did in high school whenever it's a teacher's birthday, and I would love to do that again, but I found out a bit too late, plus I don't want to fail the class XD 

I thought since my dear professor is getting a new office, some plants would make a nice office-warming/birthday gift.

A quick dive into my yarn stash gave me what I needed for the present I had in mind (thank goodness, since I'm fairly certain the craft shop nearby was closed then).

Picture is courtesy of  dear Professor Mary Goodwin <3

The pattern referenced can be found at Knits ~n~ Purls ~n~ More. I have a different hook size and not as much yarn as the pattern indicated, so I pretty much winged it after getting the gist of things (no surprise there really, since I'm always so faithful to patterns XDD).

They look so nice I think I'm going to make a whole bunch and line my windowsill! 

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