Sherlocked! The Ultimate Fangirl's Day-trip (London Filming Locations)

Let's face it, the two main reasons I chose England to study abroad in is Harry Potter and Sherlock. There, it's out there. So besides Harry Potter Studios, which I plan to visit sometime in May, there's of course the matter of hitting all the filming locations of Sherlock~~

So, to the heart of London!  (This trip took place in February, and, yes, I'm only posting now XD)

I got the earliest bus I can get without oversleeping, which got me to London at about 9 A.M.. The bus stopped at Victoria Coach Stations, which conveniently placed me near Eaton Square, or, Miss Irene Adler's former place of residence.

Yep, that's where it happened! The exact spot Sherlock fired a gun to 'call the police'. Miss Adler doesn't live here anymore, however, since she is reported to be in a witness protection program in America XD 

There were two men in suits talking in a low voice in front of the house, and they looked at me suspiciously as I took photos...for a moment I was like 'oh no, the CIA!' and got nervous in case they'd think I 'know too much'. I wandered around a bit after that, passing the street where Sherlock and John fought, before setting off to steal an ashtray.

Sadly, there's no helicopter ride for me. XD
I didn't go inside, so no, I couldn't steal an ashtray, but I kidnapped Her Majesty's dog!

Isn't he adorable!!!!? I named him Hamish. =)

Now, where to next? It's time to stop an imminent terrorist attack. After all, the terror alert has been raised to critical. (wink)

Oh and I stared at the Big Ben for awhile imagining where Sherlock's bolthole might be XD

Trafalgar Square and the National Gallery. This is where Sherlock took John to find his own 'consultant', the paint expert. The museum shots are actually not filmed in the National Gallery but in Cardiff, but, hey, it's supposed to be in London, so I'll take it.

Opening scene anyone? I couldn't find a place where I can get a bird's eye view like in the opening sequence, but I was still sooo excited, humming the opening music over and over.

Criterion Restaurant, where John and Mike Stamford reunited in the novels. In Sherlock, the coffee cups they were holding in that scene has the word 'criterion' as a nod to the novels.
I am just about starving at this point. So where does a Sherlock fangirl go for lunch (late, very late lunch)? Why Speedy's of course!

Looks familiar? This is where Sherlock and John's dangerous new neighbors lived in The Great Game, just across from 221B.

 The door number isn't 221B now that they're not filming anymore, but the knocker is still crooked! Looks like Mycroft hasn't been visiting! I wanted to knock and have Mrs. Hudson answer the door sooo bad!

There is fanart and photos of the actors on the walls. I wonder if I'm sitting in a chair where one of the actors have sat in??

My meal. I have decided to pretend that Mrs. Hudson made it XD

A photo with the owner, whom I heard explaining to the non-fangirls/fanboys in the cafe why so many people are taking pictures of everything.

Next, I went to Russel Square Gardens, the place where John and Mike met in the show.

Where John would presumably have gotten his coffee.

So here's me relaxing a bit from all that walking. No old friends of mine showed up. Just as well, I don't have a flatmate to recommend.

Time for the fall.

This is the window of St. Barts Hospital, right by the place where Sherlock landed. All the windows on the ground floor are covered with little messages like this. Gotta love Sherlockians!

Where Sherlock landed. I seriously considered lying down on the ground but there were people around XDDD

And here's where John stood when Sherlock jumped. 

Where John got hit by that cyclist. 

Finally, it's time to to to the real Baker Street.

The tube station is full of Sherlock-designs =) 

It was dark and I didn't get many good photos, but I had such fun exploring the place. Sherlock's violin was there and I was itching to play it. The Persian slipper used to hide Sherlock's tobacco is on the mantelpiece.

In Mrs. Hudson's room there's a bust of Sherlock, and letters between Sherlock and John. Figures she'd be the first Johnlock shipper XDD

Shaking hands with Sherlock  <3

The Hound. Doesn't look all that scary to be honest, reminds me of Fang, really.

And, like a good Sherlockian does, I got myself 'the hat'. It's an ear-hat, John!

And so ends my glorious Sherlock trip. There are a few places I missed in London, such as 'Angelo's' where they had their first meal together in 'A Study in Pink', the Tower of London, and so on. Will be hitting those places on my next London trip~

The game is always on!

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