A Little Update.

I realize I've been slacking! I've made lots of stuff but haven't posted anything. Aiming to change that now.

Few months back I started knitting gloves. I'm forced to retire from amigurumi for now since the local yarn shops don't stock the yarn I use for them, or anything with a skin color I'm happy with. So instead of spending lots of money on an amigurumi using expensive yarn, I opted to make clothing and accessories instead. Starting with gloves, because winter in England is so much colder than it is back home... brrr....

The gray pair pictured above is a present for my boyfriend. Sadly, when I return to Taiwan it'll be summer so it won't be much use to him then XD I love the design, the whole thing was quite simple but had that added twist. You can find the pattern here: http://goodforaboy.com/blog/?paged=3

And for myself I made a pair of long fingerless gloves in forest green. 

The pattern is the Seeta fingerless gloves by Maria Sheherazade and can be found here: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/seeta-fingerless-gloves

I love fingerless gloves. Sure, my fingertips are a bit colder but at least I can get things done. I don't know if my fingers are extra pudgy or something, but for me the fingers are always just a bit too long which made doing anything nearly impossible. 

I've really started to come around to knitting in rounds. In the span of a month 3 circular needles were added to the collection. 

I've also made a caplet, and recently started sewing. I haven't photographed these yet, waiting for a nice and sunny day and a photographer. (I miss you so much, Esther!!!)

That's it for now~ In the next few posts I'll document some traveling I've been doing whilst in the UK =)

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