Hermione's Hat

Oops, just found this as a draft, can't believe I forgot to press 'publish' again, silly me. 

I don't know about you guys, but I'm always staring at hats and scarves of movie characters. I remember watching a rather sad scene in a movie with my family. My mom was quite emotional and turned to share her thoughts but found me staring at the screen, oblivious to the plot because the actress had a beautiful scarf on and I needed to figure out how it's done.

Anyway, naturally the hat Hermione had on in Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince caught my attention.

Look how pretty!!! Emma Watson as well as the hat =)

Anyway, I'm not the best knitter back then, so thoughts of making it slipped my mind as days went by.

Until I found the pattern for it while browsing the pattern section on Ravelry! The Hermione Hearts Ron Hat designed by Christy Aylesworth can be found here.

How can a Potterhead like myself not make it right away? It was whipped up in less than a week.


A side view.
And me reading my spellbook!
I absolutely adore this hat!!! =) Been wearing it throughout this winter and wouldn't stop until it got a bit weird wearing hats out. 

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