The Hobbit-- Dwalin Amigurumi

Goodness, I've had this in draft all this time and I'd failed to notice!

In the midst of the onslaught of reports and assignments and club activities and the anxiety from finals week approaching, I finished making Dwalin!

Funny thing is, though he's a dwarf, Dwalin is the tallest amigurumi I've made to date.

Reference photo =) 

Oops, he looks a bit disproportionate in this photo, doesn't he?

Detailing on the chest.
I had fun experimenting with the furry yarn used for the fur piece. I went looking for the yarn with my Hobbit Official Movie Guide and showed the lady there photographs of Dwalin. She thought I wanted to make an actual fur piece, and stared at me as though I'm crazy XD

He's a good deal taller than Bilbo, but Dwalin is one of the tallest dwarfs in the company, and I'm worried that Bilbo is going to end up taller than some of the dwarfs... hmm... Oh well, as long as Thorin is taller than Bilbo, it's fine with me XD (Bagginshield shipper revealed)

Oh, I almost forgot! I took Dwalin with me to my aunt's house, and my aunt posed him with her kitten~

I just ruined his manliness, didn't I? To all dwarven-kind I probably rank below elves now XD

Dwalin is actually finished long before this post. Like I said, I put it in draft and forgot about it *hides face*. So I'm actually already done with Balin, and Fili is coming together nicely.

For the sake of counting down though, we'll pretend I posted on time:

1 Hobbit and 1 dwarf down, 12 dwarfs, 1 wizard to go.

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  1. Do you have a pattern for these? I would love to make my own set of Dwarfs.