The Hobbit- Balin Amigurumi

So I'm basically making the lovely Hobbit characters in the order they came knocking on Bilbo's door. (Meaning Thorin will be last, which will serve as motivation to stick to the end XD) So after Dwalin is Balin, at your service.

I'm not sure if anyone else share my thoughts, but my first impression of Balin is Santa XDD I contemplated using a blend of white and gray for the hair, but decided to go for white in the end. It's less realistic but I find it really cute!

Here's the reference pic (though I mostly used pics in my handy movie guide ^^):

Caught a loose thread there XP *goes to fix it*

I used a metallic thread along with my run-of-the-mill black yarn for the edges of his clothes. Balin's outfit is extremely detailed, so I had to simplify it, but I also wanted something fancy =) 

I made the mistake of forgetting the fact that Balin wore gloves. That's what I get for not double-checking my sketches. (And I underlined 'black' too! Twice!) We'll just pretend he forgot about the gloves then.

At one point I had to get his beard out of the way to sew the collar on, and to do that I tied his beard up in a nice little bow, which I imagine is somewhat of an insult to any self-respecting dwarf. Sorry, Balin, had to be done XD I hereby apologize to all dwarf-kind!

Next up is Fili, who is already half-way there~

One Hobbit, two dwarfs down. 11 dwarfs, 1 wizard to go!

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